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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 7, 2010 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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hi, there, i'm tamron hall. the brutal heat wave cooking the northeast and mid-atlantic is
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expanding and causing mass power outages. the heat also causing a lot of concern. amtrak putting together a plan, if passengers get stuck on hot trains in cities as far north as toronto, canada, are opening cooling centers. we will see more record-breaking temperatures today. live coverage ahead. and af at home. a little missouri girl kidnapped while playing in her family's front yard has been found. courting king james. nba star lebron james expected to host a live one-hour tv special just to announce where he plans to play ball next season. talk about drama king. the latest on lebron and what betty white has to do with the story. >> we'll be a collection of fools. >> i can't believe we lost our gold. >> lost it we did. so, a real buried treasure, get this, worth $10,000.
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the catch, you've got to get the clues from those puppets. but the money is real. no way. we begin, though, with a dangerous heat wave in the east now in its fourth day and the heat is blamed for at least two deaths since this weekend, but it is feared more people could die as this heat lingers and the humidity climbs. heat advisories are, again, in effect and cooling centers will be open, again, in so many places across the eastern area. look at the map. some temperatures along the east coast. 95 washington, d.c., baltimore 97 and we've got live pictures now from new york city and on the top left of your screen, that is where it is 91 degrees. on the top right, that's washington, d.c. it's 92. the lower left, that's cape may, new jersey. it's 90. at the bottom right, 85 degrees in pittsburgh. look at some of that haze in those pictures. team coverage with ron allen live in times square and mike seidel is in washington, d.c. we want to bring you breaking
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news regarding the heat wave. we have just gotten in a report that u.s. naval spokesmen suffered in annapolis. as a result of this heat they have some type of incident there. i have dr. nancy snyderman with me. these cadets, they are people who are fit and in shape and because of this heat, they have been affected. >> but they're most likely in uniform and it's hot. we don't know if they were exercising. it is one of the great sort of misunderstandings that just because you're fit, you can necessarily weather this heat wave as much. it really has to come down that the human body can't necessarily regulate these great extremes and if you're not well hydrated or exercising in the a pex of the heat, you can succumb just like anyone else. >> i saw people jogging yesterday. you have kids who play sports who are in camps right now.
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they're outside in this heat. do you advise people to avoid this right now? >> i understand that people don't want to be denied their normal time outside. you have to pick in the morning or in the afternoon when it is not as hot and you don't go full throttle. if you do, you're just playing russian roulette. it just isn't smart. >> what are the signs you should look for? heat stroke, people out mowing their lawn. >> heat exhaustion you are still sweating and you feel nauseated and your heart may be beating fast and you don't feel right. but heat stroke is a true medical emergency. that can cause people to die. that's when the air conditioning system and being able to sweat just shuts down. your skin, in fact, becomes dry and hot. you could feel beyond nauseated and become disoriented. you may not make smart decisions like getting out of the heat. but this is a time you call 911
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because you are most likely going to need iv fluids and you have to bring that core temperature down. >> up on the screen, we have the heat exhaustion symptoms. it shows water or sports drinks. is one better for you than the other? >> the problem is, you sweat a lot. you want to replenish it with water but the problem is you can dilute your body that way. you are better off to drink the water and sports drinks and remember hydrate before you go out. >> again, the news out of anapsis, maryland. four mid-shipmen suffered from heat. we go to ron allen in times square. ron, we know that there have been power outages throughout the area and a lot of people behind you and they all from this vantage point looks like they're sweating. what's the latest? >> some are sweating and some are not. i have been sweating for the last few hours out here. it has gotten hotter and hotter. times square one of the hottest places in new york. most people are waiting in line for tickets at broadway plays
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and we were asking some of them why they're out here and how long they have been waiting. this is dawn miracle and her daughters who are from florida and you're not really bothered by the heat at all. >> not too much. i mean, it's hot, but i live in florida so we're used to the heat. >> any advice to people like me who are suffering? >> water, shade, cool towel. that is my advice. >> you have your husband waiting in the line and you guys are standing here in the line. that also is a good strategy. >> that is a good strategy for us. i don't know what his advice would be, he's in the hot sun. >> thank you very much. enjoy new york, it's not usually this hot. over here we have two sisters from the midwest, right? >> yes. >> she's visiting, i live here. >> kid you expect all this? >> i knew it was hot because she had warned me about the heat. >> so you don't seem terribly bothered at all? >> the midwest is pretty hot and humid, as well. >> what advice do you have to people like me and others out here that are finding this
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unbearable? >> bring a lot of water. that's the best thing. right now i don't have air conditioning in my house. >> wow. >> yeah, exactly. >> we're not going to visit her. thanks, guys. you have it from here, tamron. sweaty, hot, times square. the record here in new york is 98 and we're pushing that and we'll see how high we go. >> all right, ron, thank you. washington, d.c., is taking special precautions because of this heat wave. emergency medical teams have been out checking on hundreds of people who called 911 for help in the past and most of them elderly folks and many have been getting a quick medical check before the teams move on toúthe next person. weather channel meteorologist mike seidel joins us from washington, d.c. your hair is moving some, so i assume there is a little bit of a breeze there. >> you're right, it doesn't take much to move my hair, tamron. i didn't use the mousse this morning. you get a breeze and it's kind
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of a tradeoff. let me give you the latest temperatures. 11:00. philadelphia 97 and heading for a record today we're forecasting 100. they're one degree from tying a record of 98. new york city central park 91, as ron mentioned the record 98. we may get there. richmond forecasting a high there of 104 this afternoon. that will break a record. so, a little bit cooler. new york city, providence, hartford. the real change comes tomorrow across the entire area and temperatures dropping off at least ten degrees and back to the low 90s, tamron and that's closer to average. once again, just like yesterday, we don't know why but a few minutes ago they shut down the fountain here on the north side of the capital. back to you. >> very strange. we're looking forward to tomorrow if the weather is going to improve, thank you, mike. much more ahead on the heat wave including how to keep yourself safe. warning signs of heat exhaustion and how to prevent becoming
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overheated. more bad news on day 79 of the oil disaster. oil is seeping into lake pontchartrain in new orleans. that's the same lake that flo flooded during hurricane katrina. tar balls started washing ashore in cocoa beach, florida. nbc mara joins us from venice, louisiana. what are they saying about the oil in lake pontchartrain. >> tamron, this is devastating on a very emotional level. borders new orleans and there's a very small amount of oil and tar balls found. but the reason this is so touching for people there is it means that this crisis, especially, has come to the doorstep of new orleans after everything they have already been through. this area was especially devastated by katrina.
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docks and lakeside restaurants that were just destroyed and people were really getting themselves back on their feet. this is a lake that is used for recreational and it's devastating for people to see that this crisis has now come to them. officials believe that this tar ball and this oil was pushed in by strong gusts of wind and essentially brought in by the weather. like i said, just small amounts of oil found for now. there's a little bit of good news, as well, in that some contamination tests were done and they found that there is no sea food contamination at this point in time. so, at the very least, there's that little bit of good news. in terms of other areas affected, we're seeing tar balls in texas. tests done on that which confirm they're from the deep water horizon. texas was the last gulf state to have confirm effects of this oil spill reach their shore and now all the gulf states have been affected. in terms of the relief well, officials saying they believe that they're a week ahead of
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schedule but they don't think they'll be done until mid-august and they're working now on another containment system to collect as much of that oil as possible. they are, though, facing some delays because of weather and they're trying to get that up and running. >> thank you very much. new details today about a reported deal between the united states and russia to trade spies. as of this morning, the russian foreign ministry staying quiet on it. relatives of a convicted spy in russia claims he may be released in a swap for the accused russian spies arrested by the fbi. aside from a possible swap, nbc news that federal prosecutors are discussing a possible plea deal with at least some of those ten accused spies. so, bob, a lot happening in this story. but, is this something that has been partially even confirmed that they're discussing a swap here? >> certainly indications today that this is something that is being discussed.
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egor was arrested in 1999, convicted in 2004 and then sentenced to 15 years in 2005 for espionage. essentially what he was doing was sending information that he gathered as a nuclear weapons expert to a british company called alternative futures that turned out to be a cia front. now, he has been in prison since then and it appears now that there is some discussion between the united states and russia for a swap. >> what would be the incentive for the united states to do this swap? >> well, certainly, this is somebody who, if indeed, it is as the russians portrayed it, somebody who was a spy for the united states and somebody who was passing real information rather than the influence that the spies here were trying to get. this would be a pretty good swap for the united states. and, remember also, that the ten spies that are alleged spies
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that we have here are only charged with failure to register as a foreign agent. that is not a very big charge, maximum sentence is five years and you could expect defense council to say, what is the damage? what is the damage? >> if this is true in the spy swap or pris nn exchange does happen, is this a way to make this go away? >> yes. >> everybody wants this to go away. at the end of the day, the u.s. intelligence services, law enforcement services are happy with this because what it did was embarrass the svr and has its own value. >> thank you, bob. >> thank you. well, guns belonging to israeli security agents for benjamin netanyahu are stolen from checked bags at a u.s. airport. now, there's a search for those guns and the person or persons who took them. plus, new leads on the teen ageteenager known as the barefo bandit. why the hunt for him has turned to the caribbean island.
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a 4-year-old girl from missouri is found alive and well and authorities are still looking for the person who brazenly snatched her.
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a family is celebrating this morning in louisiana, missouri, now that their little girl is home safe and sound. 4-year-old alisa maier was snatched from her own front lawn and then late last night came exciting news. alisa had been found wandering outside a car wash near st. louis. she just got released to her family only a short time ago and now the hunt is on for the person that snatched that child. >> we are not looking at the family members right now. we are looking at this as an abduction. did we find evidence?
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the answer is yes. we don't know the importance of it right now. >> nbc jeff rossen joins me live from louisiana, missouri. authorities are going to have another news conference perhaps giving more information on the search for thusis suspect. >> the fbi still heavily involved in this case and st. louis police are involved, as well. they're really trying to find this man they call a predator. obviously, he is. he grabbed the child as she was playing in her front lawn right in front of her 6-year-old brother. pulled up in a black sedan and grabbed her and took off. the family diddant know if she was alive. he dropped her off for some reason, perhaps of being afraid because of this national dragnet that he didn't expect. dropped her off at a car wash outside of st. louis about two hours by car from here. she was actually, looked like a
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boy. the original calls that came into police said you should come here to the car wash, there is a little boy wandering around. the suspect, it appears, had shaved off her head, cut off all her hair to disguise her, tamron. incredibly this family is happy right now and her grandfather spoke this morning with ann curry on "today." >> i want to tell that man that he's done the first step. he's let my granddaughter go. he has a couple more steps to go. he has to come to the realization that he has a problem and then he has to step up and take responsibility for that and turn himself in. >> all right, so here's what they know right now. they know he is driving a black sedan. at the car wash even more witnesses saw him, not him but the car itself. no wheel covers on the driver's side and possibly some front end damage and possibly tinted windows, but they have nothing
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else to go on. clearly a major search for this man, tamron, fearing he could strike again if he's not caught. well, actress lindsay lohan is going to jail. yesterday a judge sentenced the 24-year-old to 90 days behind bars and 90 days in rehab for violating her drunk driving probation. the "mean girls" star pleaded for mercy. >> i respect it and taking it seriously. >> some are asking how serious was lindsay lohan because photographers apparently caught a picture of her middle finger and there was a swear word on her finger there. the f word. we blocked out some of the letters but i bet you get the idea of what was on her fingernail. is king james ready to commit. months of speculation and attention from at least six nba teams. cleveland cavalier lebron james says he's ready to tell the world his future nba plans and
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it's happening tomorrow night during a one-hour tv extravaganza. joining me from washington, d.c., dave sports writer for dave, i love it because you tell it as you see it. what do you think of this one-hour special that he's planning for espn? >> i wish we could test his ego for steroids, that's what i think, tamron. >> ego or smart marketing? come on. i think it's too clever by half. in the last 24 hours lebron james has started a new website and he started a twitter account called king james and now he's having his reality tv bachelor special on espn tomorrow night. let's talk about this. this is someone who has played in the nba for seven years. he's only made the championships once where he was swept by the san antonio spurs and, to me, he's getting it backwards a little bit. he's writing a huge check that he has not shown professionally
11:22 am
that can be cashed. >> apparently lebron james' requested that any money made from this one-hour special will go to the boys and girls club of america. how can you hate on that? >> you know how i can hate on that, he can give 1, 100th of what he can expect to earn in the next year to the boys and girls club and they will have gold plated toilets from coast to coast. >> he could have kept the money, but he's giving it away. >> it's savvy pr. when this started, tamron, the question was what is important to lebron james? hometown of cleaveened or winning championships or brand building and ego? we are getting the answer to that question, before he even signs with a team. >> everyone is chiming in about this president obama and even betty white has something to say. let's play betty white's moment. >> what is wrong with you girls? he is the best planet on the
11:23 am
planet. >> lebron, please stay. >> i'll make it worth your while. >> come on, everybody is getting involved in this. are you going to watch this? dave, you haven't cracked a smile. are you going to watch this thing tomorrow? >> betty white and i used to date in the '70s. no, i'm just kidding. here's the bigger issue, tamron, about this. if he leaves cleveland, they expect the value of that franchise to actually be cut in half. they expect the businesses around the arena to be cut by $20 million. now, there's a joke that cleveland currently has a lebron-based economy. but in this economic climate, it will matter so exponentially to ohio. >> cleveland rocks but where is he going? >> given all the hype only one city to match the other amount of bs that is going to go into
11:24 am
tomorrow's special, new york. >> i'm curious what our audience has to say in their tweets about you hating on lebron. thank you very much, dave. >> thank you. arizona's governor is vowing to fight the justice department's lawsuit against her state's controversial new immigration law. she's even gone to twitter to get donations for the legal battle. we'd like to know what you think of any of the stories we're covering. go to [ male announcer ] let's throw on those saturday clothes. it's doing season. when we grab a little spare time and get after it. the home depot has all the right prices and all the know-how to start making things happen, less with our wallets, and more with our own two hands. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, estate oak laminate's at the new lower price of just 87 cents per square foot.
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american airlines sure has some explaining to do today. first the airline put a bag belonging to security agents of benjamin netanyahu on the wrong flight. the agents were headed from new york to washington to beef up security detail for the prime minister's meeting with president obama. when the bag was located four guns were missing. tom costello joins us from
11:28 am
miami. these are, i understand, .9 millimeter glocks. what is american airlines saying, if anything? >> this is a favorite of s.w.a.t teams around the country and law enforcement agencies around the world. american airlines is really referring this to the port authority police department as is the tsa and here's what happened. this was on tuesday, as you mentioned, prime minister netanyahu was on his way to washington for a meeting with the president and in the process his security detail. the israeli security detail, they were following protocols and procedures. tsa and the police was told everything was followed properly and they put their weapons in a box, if you will. really, a piece of baggage. it is locked and they put a seal on that and then checked it as they're supposed to and for some reason that bag went to los angeles and never made it to washington and when they finally found it in los angeles they opened it up and four weapons,
11:29 am
those four glock .9s are mising. were they stolen in new york or were they stolen in los angeles or some place along the way? port authorities say they're investigating that and it doesn't have any answers. american and tsa doesn't have any answers at the moment either. clearly, this is not a good thing for american airlines to have lost these weapons being transported by the prime minister's security detail and the tsa is also trying to figure out what the heck happened here. there was no threat that we know of against the prime minister's safety and he had that meeting with the president as scheduled. >> all right, tom, we'll see what happens. greatly appreciate it. sweltering temperatures expecting to hit triple digits for a second straight day in parts of the northeast. we'll talk to bill nye the science guy about the dangerous effects this oppressive heat can have on your body. >> i'm jeff corwin reporting from grand isle, louisiana. join me for an exclusive look as we travel with the louisiana
11:30 am
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we are keeping an eye optemperatures on day four of this heat wave. take a look there, they're already 91 in new york. 97 in philly, baltimore 97, d.c. 95 and as we mentioned, its are still the morning. triple-digit temperatures expected in many places. these people have the right idea. the humidity is also rising. in fact, health advisories are in effect for many places have actually opened cooling centers for people who don't have air or fans in their home. the heat is blamed for two deaths since last weekend. bill nye known as the science guy joins us live from los angeles to talk about the exposure to extreme heat can have on our bodies? >> good morning, tamron, good to
11:34 am
see you. >> here it is, 97 degrees in philadelphia and you're outside working. you don't have a choice, you have to be out there. how do you hydrate yourself properly to deal with 97 degrees plus humidity? >> two things. you have to drink water and you need electrolytes and you need salt and potassium. so, don't forget to keep eating. so what happens, traditionally, when you're outside and it's very humid. you know, i grew up in washington, d.c., where i may, stupidly hot. the difference between here we have the filter paper people. this guy is in a humid environment and maintained by this wet paper towel. this guy is in a dry environment and he stays dry. you can see this one is a little more fogged up than this one and it will stay like that pretty much all day because when it's humid and the air is holding a lot of water, the water on your body doesn't evaporate and you
11:35 am
stay hot. that's why people make jokes about the southwest united states about the dry heat. there's a lot to that. when it's humid out, you've got to dress even more coolly in order to stay even a little bit comfortable. the big thing, everybody. i really recommend, wear a hat. drink and don't forget to eat. now, i have noticed that you guys have scrupulously, scrupulously avoided any mention of climate change and i appreciate that. but i just want to remind everybody that it is the warmest decade on record. it's the warmest june on record and it's very much on the way to being the warmest year on record. now, this is absolutely. this is not proof of climate change, however, it is in every way consistent with radar models. it does seem hotter. it is only july. >> you remember, this is not to get into a climate debate because i, obviously, the science is clear. the science is so clear but
11:36 am
others out there who disagree brought up, as you know, bill, that this past winter all the snow that we received and the colder temperatures, they throw that up as the counterargument to what you are presenting. >> absolutely. well, bear in mind that generally when it snows it's because it's a little bit warmer. more moisture was in the atmosphere and the atmosphere can hold a little more moisture. this, once again, not proof, but i'm talking about decade's long records and not week. but i'm sorry, you guys, it's so hot. >> you're not mother nature, you're bill nye the science guy. >> i know, but you're suffering and it's a lot of work when it's hot. you just can't get things done. you have to move more slowly and i wonder if our culture will one day adopt this sort of take a break in the middle of the day the way they do in many tropical areas. >> those are so many other
11:37 am
issues to deal with. i can't talk about the social work structure of the united states, but, what we can talk about is certainly reminding people what they need to do because it's not a choice for some people, you have to work outside and you have to hydrate and, as you point out, you have to eat and be aware of your body. we appreciate your coming on, bill. >> you need chemicals, as well as water, to stay comfortable in this weather. arizona governor jan brewer is not backing down after the justice department filed a lawsuit to block the state's immigration law from taking effect in just three weeks. >> we anticipated that the federal government would file suit. so, it arrived today and we will move forward council is looking at the lawsuit and we will proceed to defend the people of arizona. >> jose is with tell mundo. the clock is ticking but in the meantime jan brewer has gone on to twitter, apparently, looking for donations for this fight. what is the latest in the back and forth?
11:38 am
>> well, the back and forth is going to continue because the nijt court of appeals could decide in days, weeks or even wait until the after 29th of july after this law is set to take effect. the fact of the matter is that many in the hispanic community applauded the president's decision yesterday to file this page, 12-page document with the court because they're saying that something needs to be done about 1070. even though the majority of folks in arizona, about 60% support this 1060 bill and that's kind of the other way around. the majority applause president obama's decision to step forward and challenge its constitutionality. >> let me ask you, jose. one point that a lot of people are making is that when you see the polling out there that this law is not only popular in arizona, it's popular in other states. what does that tell us? >> well, it tells us that most people throughout the country
11:39 am
recognize what president obama said on the first of july when he spoke about immigration reform. the fact is that the country's immigration laws are broken, the porouses border continues to be more porous than ever before even though there have been a huge amount of increase in the number of boots on the ground sent to the border states and this has been happening for a couple years now. the fact of the matter is now with a porous border and no leadership out of d.c., people around the country are saying maybe we in the states have to make this issue our own issue so that washington may react. it seems as though that is working. >> greatly appreciate your time, jose. thank you. and now day 79 of the gulf oil disaster. the devastating effect on the wildlife in the gulf region. jeff corwin joins now now from gulf shores, alabama, to tell us about a special effort to monitor and rescue endangered sea turtles. jeff?
11:40 am
>> hey, there, tamron. well, what we've discovered here. we're in gulf shores, alabama. we discovered that desperate times require desperate measures. here we are on a beautiful beach and the fresh layer of crude has lapped its way into the sands and tamron, not 20 feet away we have this, protective border of tape. inside, precious cargo. this is a sea turtle nest from the endangered loggerhead and this will be a part of a modern day noah's art as they try to relocate these eggs to safer grounds. what we learned, tam ron, not just this generation that is in trouble but their parents, as well. this is what we witnessed. you could see mandy just took that swab and she rubbed it around the beak of this turtle. she's trying to get samples. there is that sample and why is this so important? >> it's to see if the animal is possibly impacted by the oil and
11:41 am
how this long term will affect it. we will do our best and see how it will affect the animals long term to prevent lots of animals from growing older. there could be birth defects and there could be mortality to eggs, hatchlings. mandy, what is this black stuff? >> combination of a lot of stuff. soot from the river and could be oil and it could be lots of things. >> that's why this test is so important to get this sample. now, i don't know if you noticed when mara lifted up this turtle and mandy was getting her sample, the turtle just hung there, incredibly lethargic. have you seen that behavior before? >> it's not typical. sea turtles are going to try to get out of the way of any boats or vessels in the area. so, it's very alarming. >> and they're laying these wet
11:42 am
towels on the shell of this turtle and why are you doing that, mandy? >> we're going to keep it moist and cool and calm and try to keep any of the glare from the sun off of it. you can get pretty sunburn on an overcast day. we want to make it as comfortable as possible. we put the cushioning underneath it and we give padding to help it support the shell. >> tamron, i have to tell you, it was an incredible experience to be out there with mandy and the officers with the louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries. very sobering and depressing to see that turtle in such a scary state, but the good news, that turtle affectiontally named cocoa is doing much better. if there's a positive side of the story even though we did find oil near the turtle, it has not been contaminated as of yet. hopefully it will recover and be released back to the wilds where we found it.
11:43 am
>> hopefully that story of cocoa will be repeated for any other turtles they find in crisis. thank you, jeff. great work from there. we appreciate your reports. thank you. >> thanks. up next, $10,000 worth of buried gold. it's real. i'm not kidding. it's actual gold. here's a catch, we have to get the clues from puppets. i know it sounds crazy, but it's real. i'm willing to listen to a puppet for 10 grand. [ water ] hey, it's me water. so, you want me to be super amazing right from the faucet, but you think home filters can be a pain in the tucus. well check this out... boo-yah! shazam! h2...o! hydrolicious! look what i can do! magic bananas! adios contaminos! introducing the first faucet filter that installs with just one click and removes 99% of lead and microbial cysts. check it out at ♪ check it out at i'm from the gulf coast.
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welcome back. there are some things considered news in the world but few things around this time of the morning that make us say no way. the no way story of the moment. mark your calendars. on august 1st, a treasure hunt starts right here in new york city. plan your vacation if you don't live in the city and the website is an actual treasure map and $10,000 inside
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has really been buried somewhere in the five boroughs. it once, according to the tale, belonged to pirate puppets including one whose name is ninja. >> we be a collection of fools. >> i can't believe we lost our gold. >> hooray, lost it we did. >> so, starting next month you can get clues to find the $10,000 in gold but right now the pirates are in our studio to talk about this. hi. >> hi, tamron. >> lovely to be here, tamron. >> lovely to have you because you're talking about cash and who can't use $10,000 in gold. >> i am the captain of the ship and it weighs about 200 pounds. >> where did you get the money? >> i don't want to give you no answers.
11:48 am
you see, that means everybody will be looking for it. that's secrets from a pirates. >> and i won't tell you that we buried $10,000 in new york city. >> that's right. but i won't tell you that there is eight videos and they have clues to where the treasure is. >> there are eight videos and eight clues? >> well, yes, but i'm not going to tell you about the videos or that they give clues to the treasure. >> captain, on your website one clue you did give is it's not in central park. >> right. >> you've deciphered that with your sly journalist ways. true. it ain't in central park. >> i snorted. i'm sorry, i snorted on tv. okay, because, listen, i was a little worried about having you guys on because i don't want to be youtube talking to pirates. but, again, this is $10,000. >> well, $10,000 is a lot. >> that's all the money we had.
11:49 am
>> okay. well, you know what, you guys tell me it's real. we investigated a little bit. >> well, you know, i don't like to be called a liar, even though liar is what pirates is. if you go to that website, whoever been making those videos show a video where you can see each and every one of those $10,000 coins. >> it's our no way story of the day. check it out to see if it's r l real. if you get the $10,000, be sure is to let us know. we'll be right back. [ machinery humming ] [ engine revs ] [ male announcer ] we gave it the power of a supercar. then we gave it the precision of a lexus. and in turn, wrote a new definition of what's possible for an automobile. [ engine revs ] [ glass shatters ] this is the pursuit of the impossible. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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welcome back. developing news out of washington, the east room where the president is announcing the members of the president's export council. he's giving remarks from the east room and to tout the administration's commitment to export promotion, to grow the economy and to support new jobs in this country. we're going to keep an eye and ear on the president's speech
11:53 am
and bring you any news on it. authorities are investigating whether teen fugitive colton harris moore was responsible for stealing a plane and crash landing it in the bahamas. a whirlwind of recent burglaries and car thefts in california, nebraska and iowa are all suspected to be the handy work of harris moore and police think he's behind a number of thefts in the midwest. harris moore has been on the run since april of 2008. ronald coleman has been following the story for seattle weekly. thank you for joining us. so this has gone from a domestic search to an international manned hunt. what else can you tell us, at least the clues that lead authorities to the bahamas? >> well, they found a -- on sunday they found a plane crash landed on abscott island in the bahamas.
11:54 am
and mr. harris moore, i believe is allegedly suspected of being part of that. but he was found indiana with dna evidence and mr. harris moore was -- the fbi has now -- fbi has now -- >> has now? >> the fbi has now claimed or unsealed a document that says that they have recovered dna evidence that he was actually the suspect in a plane crash in washington here. and i believe it was tuesday in abscott island where they recovered another plane. and the owner of the plane actually reported to police and
11:55 am
investigators that the tran transponder was found somewhere in the bahamas and police in the bahamas, miami police began to put up posters saying that mr. harris moore was a suspect and the u.s. embassy there confirmed that there was a $10,000 reward from the fbi. and that mr. harris moore was a suspect. >> yeah, well the search continues for him, he's been on the run since 2008 and we'll see if they get anymore clues from the bahamas. vernal, thank you so much for your time, appreciate you coming on. >> that does it for me this hour, i'm tamron hall, i will be back at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we're going to speak to a sheriff who's an outgoing critic of arizona's new immigration law. contessa brewer picks up the coverage at the top of the hour.
11:56 am
>> could you be infected by a friend's divorce. a new study shows that it might be con statagious. how likely are you to get a divorce after your friend do? is it putting old-fashioned brush and paints out of business? all ahead on msnbc. mary todd: does this dress make my backside look big? abe: perhaps a... vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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good day, everyone, i'm contessa brewer covering big news coast to coast and it's not just the gulf coast getting hit by the oil mess. that may be some of the information president obama is getting right now in the oval office, in a briefing on day 79 of the gulf oil disaster. the toxic mess has now entered lake pontchartrain in louisiana. tar balls washing up as far as cocoa beach, florida. that's on florida's east coast, which means the damage has


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